Lock paddles down when leaving a lock (Jonathan Wilkins)On the canals we have our own unwritten understanding of how we should share them, which is based on many generations of boaters who've learnt to rub along together.  The many 'done things' of the waterways are part of our culture and also the hallmarks of a good boater.  These 'little rules' are as simple as thoughtfulness and common sense - so you can guess what people would think of you if you didn't do them!  Here are six of the main ones:

  1. Say hello.
  2. Always wind all paddles down when leaving a lock.
  3. Keep moving on (if you're moored on the towpath).
  4. Slow down past moored boats.
  5. Don't moor in the way (on lock landings, water points, corners etc.)
  6. Use your engine/generator considerately - not for hours on end and never after 8pm.

And generally be ready to help others out.