Cowley lock at Christmas (H Rashed)This site is made and kept by David Gee and Ron Gooding.  We have about 22 years' experience of narrowboating between us, but that doesn't mean there ain't stuff we don't know.

Many potential new boaters are unaware of the special culture of the waterways and the practicalities of boating, particularly of living on board.  We made this site to help make sure that new boaters are aware of what boating involves before buying a boat.  It's mainly for potential live-aboard boaters but we hope it'll be useful for others, too.

Since our experience is mainly of London, we tend to give examples from the area we know, and to which many new boaters are now flocking.

All images are our own, our friends', copyright-free via Wikimedia Commons, or snaffled from the CRT website.  If you have a photo that better illustrates any of the pages, please send it in and we'll have a look.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, do get in touch.